Activities of the children of the ECD

Art and sport are among the things on the program of the children from the 3 projects BonniePeople, Kapteintjies and Teletubbies.

Education beats Poverty

This is the new slogan for the next three years from September 2021.

The goals of this project are education and enrichment of the lives of the underprivileged, the creation of jobs and food for those who need it most.

Re-organized Kitchen

The kitchen at the project was reorganized to function even better.

One room was converted into a pantry.

Now breakfast and lunch for the three schools BonniePeople, Kapteintjies and Teletubbies can be prepared and distributed from here.

Emergency feeding scheme

Wärend der Zäit vu Corona ass e grousse Feeding Scheme gelaf, deen och duerch déi vill Done konnt an där Gréisst stattfannen. 

Hei sinn e puer Impressiounen, wéi dat déi läscht Méint ausgesinn huet.