About us

The non-profit organization Bonnievale Projects ONG asbl was founded in Luxembourg on 17 February 2003 with the aim of providing moral and material support to the street children of Bonnievale (South Africa, 190 km east of Cape Town) and other projects in the Third World.

Conseil d'Administration                                           

Fränz FABER   Chairman
Josée DUQUENNE-GIRST   Treasurer
Stephanie  NOTARNICOLA   Volontary service
Jerry HILGERT   Webmaster / Volontary service assistant
Martine LOULLINGEN   Member
Marcelle WAGNER   Secretary assistant
Marianne SCHWARTZ   Treasurer assistant
Marc DALSCHEID   Member
Julie THOMMES   Member
Catarina DA VINHA   Secretary









Active members in working groups:

  • Marie-Rose Backendorf-Trausch
  • John Ferigo
  • Jennifer Gunther
  • Estelle Hengen
  • Agnès Schartz-Weny
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