Project Bonnievale

Improve the living conditions of the children and young adults living in the poor areas of Bonnievale, including the "Plakkerskamp".

Identity - Food - Education - Hygiene - Safety - Care


Through the official address of the project, the children of the slum can be registered and thus gain access to public schools. We, therefore, support 3 centers for "Early Childhood Development, ECD": Bonnie-People, Kapteintjies, and Tele Tubbies.


457 meals are prepared 5 days a week, including breakfast, snacks and lunch.

Education and care:
Offered are:

  • Day care and pre-school education for 54 - 75 infants (18 months - 5 years);
  • Care for 60 - 126 children and adolescents after school (5 - 18 years);
  • Instruction for up to 10 school dropouts;
  • Sewing and knitting workshop for young ladies and mothers.
  • Trained staff: 10 full-time and 6 part-time employees. These are encouraged and supported in their further education.


Sanitary facilities are available.
The kitchen meets the prescribed hygienic requirements.


All-day bus transport for preschool children is offered. Teenagers are regularly picked up from the school for individual tutoring.
There is enough space for all children: 5 class rooms, a recreation room and 2 secured computer and workshop facilities.
A multifunctional sports field provides space for all activities.
The whole area is secured by a fence and an alarm system.
A positive side effect, which is certainly also largely due to the project, is the decline in crime in Bonnievale.


Our current project "A Better Tomorrow" is co-financed by the Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes (MAEE) until 31 August 2021. From 1 September 2021 on, the next project "Education beats Poverty", co-financed by MAEE, will start.